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Benefit of Mindfulness for Best Golf Swing and Your Best Golf Score

The golf game can be quite entertaining and facilitates for those who know how to play it much fun and high level competition which makes the game

very exciting. Golf can be learned at an early age and there are national organized groups such as the First Tee that provides golf instruction for young children and teens. While the major aspect of golf instructions is structured towards mastering swings and driving the golf ball to the target, focus is also placed on principles of etiquette, respect for others on and off the golf course, and to cultivate and practice mindfulness. You can get more information at

So what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is defined as a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily response used as a therapeutic technique. When you are mindful you carefully observe your thoughts and feelings and then make your decision. An example on the golf course is which club to use based on distance from target and how you will use that particular golf club to deliver optimal golf swing, avoid golf ball slice and minimize time to get the golf ball to intended target. Paying close attention on how not to slice golf ball is key for quality golf game performance and that competitive edge. You can get more information at

Best practices learned from golf lessons and golf instructions can be utilized by individuals throughout their life cycle. The game of golf is extensively cerebral and you literally have to visualize the golf ball at target then structure your swing to get it there. Golf is totally a high level mind in the matter game. We therefore tend to agree with Arnold Palmer in the following quote.

The benefits of playing golf includes stress reduction, physical benefit of walking the golf course and there is always the golf cart if you need it. Noteworthy is the breath taking scenery and appreciation of nature that being on a golf course provides. Nature, birds, creeks, ocean view, mountains, lakes, trees, animals and everything the great outdoors has to offer depending on where in the world you are. And let’s not forget the healthy vitamin D to be derived from the sun. Of course you can also play in the rain. These all contribute to and potentiates mindfulness and the winning drive to get your golf ball to the target using your best golf swing. You always strive to make your next golf swing the best and winning one. Don’t forget to practice your golf swing on a regular basis